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Re: cpp0 bails out with signal 4

From: Peter Kadau <peter.kadau@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 14:39:11 +0100

Hi !

> Mmm, shame, would've hoped 't was STABLE. :)
Hmm, yes, I've got that at work and used to have it at home
as well, but then I switched to dragonfly.
I could install it on the second slice if that would help you.

> Now I got both a binutils difference and gcc difference to work with.

> Mmm, problem is I cannot reproduce this or anything else.  And you're
> the first to have encountered this.  You could try installing the gcc
> port of a 3.2 or 3.3 version and try to set CC to that gcc and see if it
> still fubars.  Then it might be binutils causing problems.
Since it is always "as" that bails out - could be.
So I probably should change the Subject: line...
I take the blame for that one.
Well, I took the gcc32 and gcc33 packages from freebsd-4.x
(since compiling is no option for me right now ;-)
but then of course I get a lot of trouble with header files
and it bails out for more obvious reasons.

> I'm glad to work with you on debugging the problem and cause.
That's very nice of you.



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