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Re: Installer boot problems

From: "Koenraad \"conne\" Willems" <conne_@pandora . be>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 00:06:34 +0200

"Koenraad "conne" Willems" <conne_@pandora . be> schreef in bericht
> > Some useful info perhaps:
> > The CDROM is a SCSI model, attached to an Adaptec AIC-7880.
> > The first thing I thought about was that the loader didn't detect the
> card,
> > or at least didn't load the module for it.
> > But since I can't seem to figure out how to get to a normal useful
> console,
> > not even consult the boot loader's total output during boot, I'm pretty
> much
> > stuck.
> New input:
> I've now seen the Adaptec AIC-7880 flash by in the boot loader, so I'm
> it is detected, I'm not sure about the devices on it, though, it is going
> fast to make out.
> As for the shell, I guess I wasn't looking to well, point 6 of the loader
> menu is obviously a shell, already tried loading a module I  believe to be
> corresponding to the AIC-7880 (ahc), still not working though.
> I really seem to be stuck now.

Newer input:

Tried the CD in another system to see if the iso wasn't crippled, booted
Could see one of the last things the loader pointed out before loading stuff
was detecting the cdrom drive, which I don't see in the first system, so I'm
pretty sure that's the problem.
But how to fix it? Any input would be appreciated, sorry for the 3 posts..

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