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Re: Problem intr11 livelocked

From: Jonathan Buschmann <jonthn@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 15:58:32 +0100

Jonathan Buschmann a écrit :

I've tried to install Dfly on my PC : Asus P4C800-E Deluxe - P4C 2,6Ghz - Maxtor 120Go connected to RAID Promise - Intel Gb NIC.

With DragonFly ISO from Stable and current build 27 Feb.
But at boot with or without ACPI i've got :
intr11 at XXXXX hz, livelocked! limiting at 20 000Hz
intr11 at XXXX hz, removing livelock limit

I was wondering if that's related with the RAID or something because after the boot and trying to install, the installer doesn't recognize any hard drive.

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS: I've tried to get dmesg or else but without network i don't know how to do it.

So i've tried to get more information and i run this command :

vmstat -i | grep 11

that gives me :
  stray irq11
  em0   irq11

So the problem might be related to em driver what can i do now ?

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