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Re: ipv4 connection problems

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 09:40:43 +0800

Peter Avalos wrote:
Over the past few weeks I've been having a problem with Apache not
responding to port it's listening on.  After some investigation, I
was able to determine that it was only happening on ipv4.  IPv6 was
working just fine.  If I restarted the server, everything would be fine
for about an hour or so (depending on traffic), and then it would
start up again.  I figured this was an Apache problem, since it was
only happening with my web server.

Today, I was stressing out my ftp server (the vanilla base version),
and I saw that it was doing the same thing my web server was doing:

box:~% telnet -4 theshell.com 21
telnet: connect to address Operation timed out
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host

And without doing anything...

box:~% telnet -4 theshell.com 21
Connected to theshell.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
220 box.theshell.com FTP server (Version 6.00LS) ready.
221 Goodbye.
Connection closed by foreign host.

Note:  This is not a network connectivity issue since those telnets
are on the same box (box is

Again, ipv6 seems to work just fine.  Other than this, I don't really
know what other information I can provide that can help in finding
where the problem is.  Any thoughts?


Well have you tried closing all apps and rebooting Windows? <g>

- More seriously, you haven't told us what OS (shall we presume DragonFlyBSD?)
or - critically important - which (date/time) DragonFly build, how installed
(ISO, make build, and from what point..) how/which daemons (pkgsrc, ports...)
and other very relevant details...
(Apache rev & mod_kitchen-sink, TCP/IP stack, NIC in use, etc...)

'the vanilla base' is a bit vague...

I have had some 'suspicious behaviour' from IP myself,
was thinking it was a hardware issue...but perhaps not....

'Standing by'...


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