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Re: Firefox hangs in state 'kqread'

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 06:22:09 +0800

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Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :
> :Maybe you want to check the recent libc related commits that
> :are to do with some form of serialisation, etc.
>     Considering the amount of work that has gone into libc recently,
>     this is a very real possibility.  Now the question is finding what was
>     changed in the (locking code probably) that created the problem.
> 					-Matt
> 					Matthew Dillon 
> 					<dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Firefox Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0 hangs (often several per hour)
& crashes (from one in two days, to five a day) are so common as to be
'taken for granted' here on Mac OS X.

'Full' Mozilla 1.7, OTOH, is only rarely a problem, would replace
Firefox, but I need several 'races' of browser to test web sites.

Most of my browsing is HKG-Europe or HKG-US, latency is high,
(at least 300-400 msec r/t) and HKG iCable link can often run
slow and at 20-30% packet loss when my neighbors are beating
the TV channels to death.

Opera, otherwise a nice browser, won't stay alive long enough
on the Mac in that environment to be bothered with.

Wife's FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE+GNOME 2.9 Athlon box OTOH
is outright bulletproof in *same environment* with Mozilla 1.6
- less so with Opera, but still decent.  1 GB in each box.

. ..FWIW, I suspect optimization for the 'browser speed wars'
is a contributor, as well as OS-sensitivity, as every browser 'upgrade'
the past two+ years has included a decline in stability.

OTOH, the iCable service has been getting worse over the same
period, so.... not definitive...


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