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Re: Hangs using X

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 05:55:25 +0800

Guillermo Garcia Rojas wrote:

It was a box running DragonFly BSD 1.1-CURRENT, the freeze problem came up
again and, as Matt said to me, I was trying to catch a dump, but when I
restarted after the freeze, the /var partition was damaged, so I decided
to format it with "newfs" under DragonFly, then I "upgrade" to FreeBSD
4.9-RELEASE. Now, I'm switching to DragonFly again.

I should loan you my brass grommet.

It attaches to your foot, sits between the great toe and second toe.
Fits either foot.

In use, you put it on, then drive a #12 woodscrew (carefully!)
into a hardwood floor through the center hole in the grommet.

Leave a little slack under the screw-head.  The one on the floor.
Optionally apply a smear of molybdenum disulphide
extreme-pressure lubricant. To the grommet/screw-head interface.
The one on the floor. Else keep a fire-extinguisher within reach.

Let's one run in circles far more efficiently than 'freehand',
. .. even while daydreaming or coding in 'C'  ;-)

Unlike a skate-board or push-bike, you can't run out in front of a motor bus,

Shoulda patented it, along with the 'famous brass handles'...


On Thu, 07 Apr 2005 00:21:07 +0800, Bill Hacker wrote:

Guillermo Garcia Rojas wrote:

damaged, I'm now in a jump from FreeBSD 4.9 to DragonFly.

?? Is this a box that *was* running FreeBSD 4.9, and has been 'upgraded'
to DragonFly? Or a box that had-at-one-time run 4.9 and was given a fresh install
(with newfs) of DragonFly .. or something else entirely...

Bill Hacker

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