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[issue2141] loader and/or documentation broken

From: "Samuel J. Greear \(via DragonFly issue tracker\)" <sinknull@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2011 07:15:29 +0000

New submission from Samuel J. Greear <sjg@evilcode.net>:

For example,

     The ehci driver is automatically loaded upon boot.  To disable this
     behavior temporarily, the ehci_load variable can be unset at the loader
     prompt (see loader(8)).  To disable it permanently, the
     hint.ehci.0.disabled tunable can be set to 1 in /boot/loader.conf.

But when operating from the loader prompt the ehci_load variable has no effect 
at all, it seems to only be checked from the menu, which is useless if you are 
operating from the prompt.

This is confusing at best, but I am leaning more towards steaming pile. The 
loader or the documentation needs to be reworked.

messages: 10160
nosy: sjg
priority: critical
status: unread
title: loader and/or documentation broken

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