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Re: new Wiki section

From: Raphael Marmier <raphael@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 18:55:57 +0200

I'll try to do that tonight, otherwise tomorrow evening. (I might be offline until then)


Sascha Wildner wrote:
Raphael Marmier wrote:

Hi all,

I've just added a "Newsgroups and mailing lists FAQ" section to the Wiki.

I figured I would better create that section rather than to fit the small recipe I've written from newsgroup bits at some odd place.

I will try, time helping, to write other pieces, as I encounter them in my dragonfly experiments.

The recipe itself:

of course, edit/change as appropriate.




we do have a HOWTO category. See [[HOWTO/Mail Server]] for an example. I guess that would be appropriate for the Coredump thingy. Just move it to [[HOWTO/Coredump]] and add it to the HOWTO category (add [[Category:HOWTO]] to the bottom of it). Finally, add it to the HOWTOs on the main page.

As for the Newsgroups FAQ, add [[Category:FAQ]] to the bottom of it to put it in the FAQ category. I plan on moving all FAQs to [[FAQ/*]] but that will require some work in our Wiki->main site conversion script (which depends on knowing the page names).


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