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Re: Added "Installing flash player on firefox" section to QuickStart

From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 23:57:04 -0600

Siju George wrote:
Matt has added me to the ikiwiki group. So it will be great if you can
tell me how I can checkout the wiki through git and what are the best
ways to edit it.

well - this was exactly the problem why the updated version wasn't up - I'd been working with justin on sorting out the wrinkles in my usage -

after justins last help,
the page has been updated -


not sure about the best way to edit for sure.

from leaf, this appears to do the trick:

leaf% cat wiki-checkout
git clone file:///usr/local/www/ikiwiki-repo.git

(make edits, git add, git commit, git push)

not sure if there's anything for remote git setup.

leaf admins - wondering if the above should go in motd?

anyhow -

Still probably best to do smaller changes at a time -
although I suppose this sets up the possibility of branches,
preview wikis for changes, etc..

I like that this gives 'both worlds' - text / markup based edits,
as well as online edits. super! now I gotta learn to use it :)

thats what I got


- Chris

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