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Re: dynamic /bin /sbin

From: Peter da Silva <peter-dragonfly@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 16:52:14 -0500

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Richard Coleman wrote:
> Yeah, something like Dan Berstein's "daemontools" would be nice to have 
> in the base system.  Now, I'm NOT advocating importing daemontools into 
> the base.  Anything related to Dan seems to provoke strong emotion, so I 
> don't want to start that argument.  But the kernel of the idea is right. 
>  The number of daemons running on modern systems keeps growing.  No one 
> wants to use inetd anymore (that's a whole other discussion).  So, 
> sysadmins need tools to actively manage and monitor all these processes. 
>  In some sense, it's the logical extension of the reasons that people 
> want RCNG (more orthogonal management of resources).

I can see if I can get permission to release one of the managers
I've written. Though even a fairly complex one is pretty small and
simple to implement if it's designed properly.

A simplified version of one of my config files:

ns_check:monitor:freq=30s,server=ns:/sbin/monitors/resolve localhost

So when the system comes up it loads and runs the nameserver with
the lowest priority. If it starts dying (at all, or 'too frequently':
say we discover the bind_server has a habit of dying after a few
hours, maybe even deliberately, so we assume it's OK if it doesn't
die within 30s) or ns_check can't resolve localhost, it marks that
server "dead" and tries to run the best remaining server.

Implementing this in a reasonably paranoid fashion shouldn't take
more than a few hours.

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