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Re: new sysinstall

From: weingart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Tobias Weingartner)
Date: 02 Sep 2003 19:25:14 GMT

Matthew Dillon wrote:
>     Summary so far of "How to rewrite sysinstall".
>     * Make CDRom #1 a fully live image, allowing the system to boot into a
>       complete environment.  Include various additional tools on the CDRom,
>       including X.

This is a good thing...

>     * Split a normal installation into two stages.  Stage 1 is responsible 
>       for FDISK and basic partitioning (/, swap, and /usr), and simply copies
>       the CDRom to the hard drive and reboots.  Stage 2 is responsible for
>       the more sophisticated aspects of the installation.  Both stages
>       will use the same scripts, languages, & utilities and such to do
>       their work since both the CDRom boot and the HD boot will have a full
>       environment to play in.

Why the reboot onto the disk image at this point?  What purpose does it
serve?  To check if you can boot?  And the point is?  To add swap space?

>     * Choose a set of tools to build the installation GUI.  Desired features
>       are to be able to run the installation from a character terminal, from
>       a graphical environment, from a serial port, from a remote
>       character terminal or graphical environment via the network, or
>       totally automated.

I like this idea.  Especially the automated one... but if it requires a
reboot after stage 1, it defeats the purpose...  As then I have to go
fiddle with the bios 3 times for each machine in order to get a lab full
of computers up.

1) Enable CD-ROM & CD-ROM boot
2) Boot CD-ROM
3) Disable CD-ROM boot
4) Boot disk/install
5) Disable CD-ROM


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