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Re: sysinstall v2

From: Richard Coleman <richardcoleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 20:35:44 -0400

As I understand it, Zope's strong point is the sophisticated content management that it provides. Although interesting, I'm not sure if that helps much here. The persistent object model they use does look cool, but is probably overkill for this project.

If apache was to be replaced, I would suggest finding a very basic, pure Python web server. Something that is very easy to understand and modify. I'm sure many people here could write one if necessary. Although a production web server is a big project, a simple web server is actually pretty easy. It probably wouldn't take more than 300 lines of Python (probably much less).

But apache is just fine as well. Since it's very modular, it's very easy to strip down.

Richard Coleman

cmulcahy@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

At the risk of being flamed...
If a decision has been made to include a python run-time with
the install, the use of one of python's web/application server kits like
zope ( zope.org ) or twisted ( twistedmatrix.com : currently moving, google probably has cache ) could replace apache/php & dependencies at a cost of a a few extra python libraries & scripts( more than a few in the case of twisted ).
Both projects seem to have thoughtful and passionate communities, and either might be willing to lend a great deal of aid and labor for the "halo effect" of building a forward-thinking install base for a cool new BSD.
It might be worth doing so if only because the "orthogonal" elements of the the install might greatly benefit from tight interopability later down the road for distributed "kick-start" applications or reasons as yet unthought of.

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