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Re: packaging system

From: Ryan Dooley <dooleyr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 09:10:17 -0600


The tool I've been thinking of is kinda like apt + dpkg in one, but
some extras thrown in like the ability to lock package versions, and
it's gonna need a good system for handling duplicate entries (kinda
like /etc/alternatives on debian but much better)

[big snip]

An apt-like system is something I'd like to see, but I want to stress
that I want to see portupgrade go away. Although it serves a need, it's
a need that needs to be serviced by the packaging system. And the
packaging system should be able to do a better job than portupgrade does

O.k... I'll say it (let me find my kevlar vest... :-) Why not RPM? There, it was said :-)

I'm not a big fan of RPM but the OpenPKG folks choose it for project (which I happen to really like on Debian :-)

The OpenPKG mentioned that they needed some sort of package management system because it was unclear whether or not they could have written one to be more successful then others out there.

There is also portage from Gentoo which I tend to think is the best of both the apt-get and ports.

Just more food for thought. I do agree that requirements should be discussed first but not taboo's. Be open about it. If it makes sense to use one that is already out there great, if it make more sense to write one up, equally good.


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