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Re: get rid of floppies

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 15:07:26 -0800 (PST)

:One thing to think about before chunking the floppy support is the 
:discussion on the FreeBSD-stable list about the transition from Emulated 
:El-Torito to Non-emulated El-Torito (or is it the other way around?).
:Many of the newer BIOS implementations are supporting only the newer 
:type, while the older BIOS only support the older type.  So DFBSD will 
:need to either have iso's of each type, or provide a fallback mechanism. 
:  Since older machines will generally have floppy, using floppies for 
:that fallback mechanism makes a lot of sense.  That seems to be the 
:consensus on the FreeBSD-stable list.
:Something to think about.

    This would be a matter of porting the 5.x mkisoimages.sh script,
    I believe.  5.x has support for both emulated and non-emulated.
    4.x only supports emulated.  

    If 90% of our base can boot a non-emulated CD we should probably
    make that the default now.

    Jeroen, what say you?

					Matthew Dillon 

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