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Re: packaging system (was: Re: GCC 3.3.2 kernel)

From: Mike Porter <mupi@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 16:02:17 -0700

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On Sunday 02 November 2003 07:08 am, ichel Talon wrote:

> I am still waiting good arguments why installing the whole stuff on hard
> disk causes problem. At present the cheapest disk is around 50 Gigs, in
> two or three years the disks will be so big as being practically
> infinite. Introducing the smallest complexity or inconvenience for
> solving a non problem is in my opinion a major form of stupidity. Even
> USB sticks are now up to 1 Gig. It is not the same as when disks were
> smaller than 1 Gig and one had to be careful. Being careful today and
> introducing a lot of problems for users is really really dumb.

Becuase we are not writing exclusively for 'new' computers.  I would wager 
that the majority of people on this list (to say nothing of the majority of 
computer users, period) do not have computers with 50G hard drives.  My own 
system has a total of less than 10, with three OS"s spread across it, doesn't 
leave tons of room for unnecessary/unused files floating around.  And I don't 
have the time or the desire to spend the time poking through and fixing plist 
and make files just to eliminate header files that I don't want/need in the 
first place.

I don't object to a single package with tweakable knobs to specify whether or 
not to install certain portions of the system (_WITH_DEVEL and __WITH_DOCS or 
whatever makes sense to me).  this is becuase 1) it would be stored 
compressed on my hard drive, 2) there is only one file to delete, to get rid 
of any undesired content, and 3) I usually delete the package file anyway.  
Having a cable modem, the bandwidth is less valuable to be than disk real 

Of course, donations of of hardware are always accepted.  If you have some old 
10 or 20 gig drives lying around unused (since apparently you don't use 
anything less than 50 G anymore) feel free to contact me directly for 
information.  I'll even pay for shipping....


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