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Re: Bind update

From: Richard Coleman <richardcoleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 22:04:44 -0500

David Rhodus wrote:

DragonFly will not have a dynamic / unless someone does a custom compile for their system.
As for NSS I'm not sure that is the best thing at this point....


Most people don't really care whether / is dynamic or static. They just want NSS to work correctly. Or more accurately, they want their centralized authentication to work correctly.

It has become very common to implement centralized authentication using LDAP (or mysql). I've done this in several large projects for my previous employer (large web hosting company). It's harder than it sounds. If not done correctly, lots of little things do not work quite right (accounting file, or seeing uid in "ls" listing rather than username).

The most expedient method is dynamically linking in the correct NSS resolver. Other methods are possible (static resolver talking to resolver daemon). But with these other methods, I wonder how we can get all the third party PAM and NSS modules working. There are lots of them, and most assume the dynamic library method.

Richard Coleman

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