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Re: New ISO builder

From: David Leimbach <leimy2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 08:14:43 -0600

I got
"make release"
'release' is up to date [never built release before... I think I forgot some
environment variables :)]

then "make clean"
told me I needed mkisofs.

I assume this is not the intended behavior?

On Dec 1, 2003, at 4:11 AM, Matthew Dillon wrote:

I have put together a new ISO builder in /usr/src/nrelease. It will
create a bootable ISO image on a CD which is basically a full, live

No sysinstall is generated (yet). A writable /dev, /tmp, /var, and /etc
is created via MFS, so basically the entire system should work booted
off of CD. The CD will boot into a login prompt. Since root has no
password, just login as root.

    I'm hoping this can form the basis for the single-CD idea that I've
    been batting around.

There are currently two make targets in /usr/src/nrelease:

    release:	This will do a full buildworld and buildkernel (GENERIC)
		with the current source tree, then generate the release
		ISO and directory structure in /usr/release.

    quickrel:	This will do a 'quick' buildworld and buildkernel (i.e.
		-DNOCLEAN) and then generate the release ISO and directory
		structure in /usr/release.

realquickrel: This is even faster. It assumes that the buildkernel and
buildworld have already been done and just generates the ISO
directory structure and ISO file in /usr/release.

    You need to have several Gigs of free space in /usr, not counting
    space used by buildworld and buildkernel.  Be sure to do a complete
    update of your CVS tree and sources before running these targets.

    The ISO file defaults to /usr/release/dfly.iso.  My first ISO is
    available for download on the main site in the download section.



The ISO contains a complete base distribution plus installed binaries
for two ports: cvsup and mkisofs.

					Matthew Dillon

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