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Re: New ISO builder

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 11:46:26 -0800 (PST)

:I got
:"make release"
:'release' is up to date  [never built release before... I think I 
:forgot some
:environment variables :)]
:then "make clean"
:told me I needed mkisofs.
:I assume this is not the intended behavior?

    No :-)... it's all fixed now.  The buildworld target is just a NOP
    that ensures that the obj dir hierarchy is created for nrelease, so
    the nrelease Makefile's can use ${.OBJDIR}/../... to access the 
    buildworld's object directory spac.

    The .if exists... tests I had were broken.  I changed it so there is a
    'check' target that only the release build targets require.

    The ISO needs a bit more work.   Without an rc.conf it is booting defaults,
    including starting things like sendmail (how silly is that!), and
    it somehow created most of /dev/ 444 (I think this is related to
    mkisofs), so /dev/null is not writable, and for some reason fstat()
    fails with 'operation not suppored' (e.g. try cat'ing /etc/passwd).
    I have to get me a pack of CD-RW's, I went through a dozen frisbees
    getting what I have now working.

    We also need a manual page describing how to construct a hard disk
    based on the CD.  Basically you just use fdisk, boot0cfg, disklabel,
    newfs, etc...  to partition your HD, mount the whole lot onto /mnt
    (e.g. mount the HD's / on /mnt, then moutn the HD's /usr on /mnt/usr, 
    etc), and then cpdup the contents of the CD into /mnt.  But then you
    have to clean a few things up like remove [/mnt]/boot/loader.conf


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