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Re: building X on DragonFly

From: Dave Leimbach <leimySPAM2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: 10 Dec 2003 13:04:04 -0600

Craig Dooley <cd5697@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Craig,  still having problems...

> I got mine working by
> pkg_delete -rf "XFree*";
> build:
>   /usr/dfports/make/imake4
>   /usr/dfports/x11/XFree86-4-libraries
>   /usr/ports/x11-server/XFree86-4-server
>   /usr/ports/graphics/dri
>   it will die with freetype having unresolved symbols to expat.  For
>   some reason the linker is not picking up all the paths, so I did
>   something like:
>     cd /usr/local/lib;
>     for x in `ls *.so.*`;do
>       ln -s /usr/local/bin/${x} /usr/lib/${x}
>     done
>   and the same for /usr/X11R6/bin
>   you can use cpdup also I believe, but I prefered to just symlink
>   /usr/ports/x11/kdebase3 needs you to take ksysguardd out of
>   work/kdebase/Makefile.  It also needs the chown/chmod line taken out
>   of the port Makefile.  kdenetwork built fine for me.  

I still have the libexpat problems.  I've tried ldconfig -m and symbolic
links in /usr/lib /usr/X11R6/lib and setting environment variables to
playing with /etc/ld-elf.so.conf to no avail.

Any other ideas?  I can't get anything to link with libexpat.so.4.

I have to get back to my day-job stuff... Lunch is over :)


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