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(fwd) DragonFly at Usenix 04 / UseBSD SIGs / Freenix

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 13:13:18 -0800 (PST)

    Murray Stokely asked me to post this.

					Matthew Dillon 

Hi Matt,

I'm not sure if the call for participation was posted to any DragonFly
forums.  We'd love to see submissions by you or anyone else working on
DragonFly.  Can you please forward this along to the relevant list?


	- Murray


UseBSD will be a one-day special interest group session hosted as part
of the 2004 USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Boston (June 27 -
July 2, 2004). The focus of UseBSD, as the name implies, will be on
showcasing ways in which creative members of the BSD community are
making use of BSD-on the desktop, in embedded applications, in
corporate data centers, in computational clusters, in business
environments, and more!

The UseBSD Program Committee solicits proposals for presentations
related to BSD-derived systems. Specific topics of interest include
but are not limited to:

* Development tools for embedded BSD
* Next-generation BSD security models
* Managing large-scale and high-availability BSD installations
* Case studies
  + Scientific or commercial projects using BSD
  + Using BSD in business
  + Using BSD in network infrastructure and telephony
  + Cluster applications using BSD
  + Business models involving BSD-licensed open source
* Technologies that enable the use of BSD
  + Desktop technologies
  + Network patch-update systems (binary or source)
  + Integration with legacy UNIX and Windows operating systems
* Organizational issues
  + BSD Users Groups
  + BSD advocacye BSD TCO/ROI advantages
  + Documentation/Content Management
  + Release Engineering
  + Project Management

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