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Re: configuration files

From: Sander Vesik <sander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 12 Dec 2003 21:08:09 GMT
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Christopher Weimann <cweimann@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12/11/2003-12:46PM, Dave Leimbach wrote:
>> If such a toolset existed I think all reasons to not use XML would be
>> gone.  
> But what are the resons TO use XML?

This is unfortunately a question like "but what are the reasons to 
use transporation", where you can answer a lot of things with "but
so can youdo with walking".

> I have always viewed XML as more of an interchange format.  If you
> aren't going to exchange data with somebody why do you need to use
> that type of format?  Right now rc.conf for example is effectively

only as long as "somebody" is not a program. 

> a shell script.  I find that very useful.  I source /etc/rc.conf
> in shell scripts and firewall scripts all the time.


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