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Re: The Trolling on the freebsd- lists

From: Miguel Mendez <flynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 11:12:22 +0100

Bosko Milekic wrote:

  Before you go on and spread FUD, can you define the "direction" you
  think FreeBSD has headed into with 5.x and tell me why you think it is
  wrong (after having defined it)?  In my eyes, the end "direction" of
  both projects (5.x and DragonFly) is more alike than not and while the
  implementation is significantly different, that should not be a valid
  basis for the argument that the direction itself is wrong.  You might

True, but if you build a car with square tires, don't expect it to work.

  be compelled to argue that it goes beyond implementation but then you
  ought to step back and ask yourself what each project aims to
  accomplish, exactly, in terms of the end-user, and I ask that you tell
  me how then the goals are so "drastically" different.

Yet the goals are indeed different. DragonFly is about trying new stuff that would never make it into FreeBSD (VFS layer, Lightweight Kernel Threading, Message passing API, etc). FreeBSD is much more conservative in a lot of areas than DragonFly is. Also Bill Huei has made a good point about the ownership of kernel areas in FreeBSD, stuff others are not supposed to touch.

  As for the differences in implementation, I first challenge you to
  show me (and other readers) your contribution post back in the early
  stages of 5.x design, since you claim that the FreeBSD community has
  not listened to "sysadmins and end users" (which I assume for the
  moment you are).

And you, my friend, have just made a gratuitous assumption about the matter, which, in this day and age, is completely irrelevant. FreeBSD made a choise about its SMP design, whether it was right or wrong, time will tell.

I plan to benchmark both DragonFly and FreeBSD and will publish the results, even though after the recent trolling we've seen it might be a bit touchy subject.

Also note that discussing FreeBSD's merits in this list is off-topic. The last time DragonFly was discussed in the freebsd-hackers@ mailing list, Kip and other people got flamed by Poul-Henning and friends.

	Miguel Mendez <flynn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
	PGP Key: 0xDC8514F1

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