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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2004-01
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We are pleased to announce that we have chosen a new file system to use in
SkyOS, and it will be available in SkyOS 5.0. The file system that we have
chosen to use is the OpenBFS, made available under the MIT license by the
OpenBeOS project. We have chosen this excellent 64-bit file system because
of its journaling and attributes support and various other reasons. As this
file system will eventually have changes made to it that will make it differ
from that of the OpenBFS, we have decided to name the OpenBFS used under
SkyOS the "SkyFS". We hope that this will help to differentiate the two file
systems so as not to confuse people wishing to learn and use the OpenBFS.
Work was started on implementing the new file system last weekend. Three
nights ago initial file access was gained. Tonight, full read-only and
execute access was achieved. Full file system access (read/write/execute) is
expected to be ready by the end of this weekend. At that time, the new SkyFS
will be completed, and SkyOS will truly have a "next-gen" file system.

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