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Re: Subversion Release Candidate

From: Dave Leimbach <leimySPAM2k@xxxxxxx>
Date: 05 Feb 2004 11:47:47 -0600

Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxx> writes:

> -On [20040202 00:42], Hiten Pandya (hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> >	Seconded.  Mainly because the wider community knows this
> >	tool very well and many people are afraid of change, especially
> >	when it comes to Source Code Management systems.
> Being afraid of change is the most idiotic reason not to try new things.
> However, given at this moment, when the auxiliary tools are not yet
> available for things like SVN it does not benefit a project such as
> DragonFly to move with something like Subversion.
> OTOH it is what I am doing for tendra.org, so I'm up to my neck in it.
> I must say that access rights and script handling is so much better than
> with CVS.

Heh.. I also like subversion a great deal but totally understand not wanting
to move from CVS for whatever reason.  Of course Matt's foot is firmly 
planted it doesn't much matter :).

<offtopic unless you want a Subversion anecdote>
I have problems with Subversion though... Actually its Interface Builder 
from apple.  I have a project that, when checked out of subversion, 
creates a bunch of read only files and directories in hidden "." names.

Interface Builder seems to recursively scan these and realize that it can't
write to everything in that directory so it proclaims that the entire mess
is read-only and you can't make changes without lots of manual surgery.

There may be a way around such difficulties but I can't decide if it's an
apple bug or unnecessarilly strict read-onliness on the part of Subversion.

I guess I could report a bug to both and see who responds first :).
</offtopic unless you want a subversion anecdote>

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