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Re: New ISO available / ...

From: "R. E. Ceiver" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 May 2004 23:11:43 +0200

    and post a followup describing the differences between the README
    and your writeup?  It would save me having to run through it line by
    line and I'm sure we'd get better commentary from you then from me (since
    I don't have a mixed Windoz/DFly environment).

Well, if this wouldn't be the notebook I lent my girlfriend to write up her university-stuff, Windoze would have vanished from this machine long time ago. Anyway, I tested all this on a COMPAQ Armada 1540/ Pentium MMX 164 MHZ/ 64 MB RAM box. With Windows98, though. The only free one at the moment.

I discovered that I added a few things but didn't update the available html-file. Following soon. In short, the differences to the main README are:

-How to boot DFly using the Win NT/2000/XP bootmanager
-Creating device nodes of other slices
-Installing on other slices
-Setting up keyboard map, hostname, timezone
-Installing nano (editor)
-PCMCIA card hint (deprecated?)
-alternative cvsupping (without getting the full archive)

I will try to write the stuff up with Hitens documentation templates as soon as I have some time to peek into it.


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