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Re: working with vn_fullpath

From: Andrew Sporner <asporner@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:04:58 +0200

Hiten Pandya wrote:

    Basically, the one rule to keep in mind is that the vn_fullpath
    can only construct a pathname if *all* its namecache components
    are available, otherwise it returns ENOENT, naturally meaning
    it can't find one of the components.

I have checked the code out. It is resembling my usage. Therefore it most be as you describe about missing components.

Since we really can't afford to miss filesystem events for such
things like journaling; this is most likely not the way to achieve
what I wanted and the workarounds that I did probably need to
be upgraded in their status.

    Hope that answers your queries; otherwise, please do not
    hesitate to ask more questions if any! :-)

Many thanks for your feedback. This was my first post here and to get a reply in such short order is quite remarkable.



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