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This Drug puts VlAGRA to shame!!

From: "Philip" <sweety21buttons@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 03:37:59 GMT

The Biggest New Drug since V1agra! Many times as powerful.

C1AL1S has been seen all over TV as of late.

So why is it so much better than V1agra? Why are so many switching brands?

-A quicker more stable erection
-More enjoyable sex for both
-Longer sex
-Known to add length to you erection
-Lasts up to 36 hours (not a thrity-six hour erection, but enhancement for thirty-six)

We have it at a discounted savings. Save when you go through our site on all your orders.

See the difference today.


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smiths fugazigary sylvie florida
spain percy cardinal
R3MOV3: http://drdrugs.info/sv/chair.php

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