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Re: nvidia pre-release drivers

From: "Lucas Reddinger" <listbox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 09:31:48 -0000 (GMT)

Emiel Kollof said:
> I just received them, the pre-release nvidia drivers. I'll report and ask
> to
> the list about any questions I might have. I haven't looked at them yet, I
> will tomorrow evening (GMT+2). Also NVIDIA wants feedback on how they can
> improve this driver for us (or make it easier to port, as long as it's not
> much trouble to do)
> Aren't those guys great? :)

maybe... i'm not sure if you read my post on "new" nvidia drivers. i had
previously contacted you about porting the 3203, and i finally got around
to it. i'm about to test it on 1.0A-R.

anyway, the latest driver 4365 would hang on my system, no matter which
knobs i used during make. if this new driver does the same on my system,
will it be easy to send them a bug report? i'm not sure if they are the
"it was enough work to release it, that's all they get" type, or if they
are willing to work out more bugs. (maybe i'm just cynical of every help
desk that will blame any hardware or network problem on my OS and refuse
to help)

if this next driver does not work for me, i'd love to take me time to send
them all of the relevant information for debugging!

just a late night post to the list. sorry. :o)


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