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Re: nvidia pre-release drivers

From: Emiel Kollof <coolvibe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 11:52:21 +0200

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On Wednesday 21 July 2004 11:31, Lucas Reddinger wrote:
> Emiel Kollof said:
> > I just received them, the pre-release nvidia drivers. I'll report and ask
> > to
> > the list about any questions I might have. I haven't looked at them yet,
> > I will tomorrow evening (GMT+2). Also NVIDIA wants feedback on how they
> > can improve this driver for us (or make it easier to port, as long as
> > it's not much trouble to do)
> >
> > Aren't those guys great? :)
> maybe... i'm not sure if you read my post on "new" nvidia drivers. i had
> previously contacted you about porting the 3203, and i finally got around
> to it. i'm about to test it on 1.0A-R.

I must have overlooked it. I've been kinda busy these days.

> anyway, the latest driver 4365 would hang on my system, no matter which
> knobs i used during make. if this new driver does the same on my system,
> will it be easy to send them a bug report? i'm not sure if they are the
> "it was enough work to release it, that's all they get" type, or if they
> are willing to work out more bugs. (maybe i'm just cynical of every help
> desk that will blame any hardware or network problem on my OS and refuse
> to help)

Just complain to us. In the mean time, could you try the patch I sent to 
submit@? It might fix your problem. In the mean time, it would be handy to 
know what kind of card you are trying to get going.

> if this next driver does not work for me, i'd love to take me time to send
> them all of the relevant information for debugging!
> just a late night post to the list. sorry. :o)

No problem. It might be late for you, it's almost afternoon here :)

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