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Re: My syncing disks problem

From: Barry Bouwsma <freebsd-misuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 10:17:14 +0200 (CEST)

Matt wrote:

>     Ok, I've looked at the crash dump.  The stuck buffer is marked as 
>     having an I/O in progress, but there is some weirdness that doesn't
>     make sense such as b_resid being 0.  The buffer also has two softupdates
>     dependancies, both inode dependancies, which are causing the buffer to
>     remain marked dirty.  There should not be any inode dependancies, not
>     after 20 loops and syncs!

>     None of it makes much sense to me, because as far as I know the disk
>     subsystem is still intact.  If I assume that the in-progress I/O is
>     simply in-progress because that was what it was doing when Jean-Marc
>     ctl-alt-esc'd we are left with the softupdates inode dependancies that
>     should not be there.

Hmmm, softupdates.

I have the same problem -- would the fact that the two filesystems
I had mounted read-write which were afflicted by this ( / and /var )
did not have softupdates enabled have anything to do with it?

(Hrm, when I `newfs'ed my filesystems, seems I neglected to enable
softupdates, or else my NetBSD isn't patched to leave this flag
alone.  No filesystem mounted read-write is immune to this.  When
the / filesystem was affected, the number of buffers was 1 as in
the original post; when I had /var mounted rw as well, the number
was 5.  Haven't tried supplied patch.)

barry bouwsma

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