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Re: PKGSRC will be officially supported as of the next release

To: Andreas Hauser <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Hiten Pandya <hmp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 18:29:03 +0100

Andreas Hauser wrote:
In my opinion the ports/package system is one of neural parts of an OS
distribution. Comparing it to a bikeshed indicates a missunderstanding of
its importance. Not suprisingly the "bikeshed" analogy was "invented" by

I do agree with you here, as long as there is no "bad mouthing" involved.

a kernel hacker (phk), i dislike like no other, who can't understand that
when he messes up various kernel space things, which only cost some 10-50%
performance (phkmalloc, geom etc.), people just take it, but when he messes
up userspace stuff that cost say 2 hours times 30000 users (60000 man hours)

Can you delve into this a little more? Where are those numbers coming from?

If you thought that we were going to stick with ports all our life, than I am sure you were in some type of dreamland.

people complain/discuss. Anyways i think Matt only made the decision because
he thinks it needs one and the various dubious people around him.

You can not linger people between two application management systems, be it ports, pkgsrc, whatever it is. People start getting confused as to which one they need to stick with.

Would you like to say who is dubious please? Since you are already being honest, a little more will just make things clear.

Having a great king (Matt) and knights (hsu) is spoiled by the Jesuits.

This can be taken quite offensively. I will assume you made this statement out of pure jest and not going to delve any deeper on the matter.

I'm tired of discussing with Joerg (not only on the ML but on IRC too) who seems to think, when he has no arguments, getting rude is the solution. (Yes, i'm not a softie myself but there are certain borders you will seldom see me cross)

First of all, lets get this clear; if anyone is deciding the project's direction on IRC, they are clearly wrong! Any such important decisions need to be discussed by e-mail and on IRC with appropriate parties kept in the loop.

I'm tired of people telling me, what i say is exactly what they think,
without them ever speaking up on the topic to show it's not only a lonely
wolf howling.

I put a good deal of work and resources on this and now it's enough.

Andreas, it's your call if you don't want to provide the support on this anymore. We will just think of it as tough luck, on our behalf. Yet, if you did support it, atleast till December, it would be considered very kind of you.

If your views were not supported on the mailing list by other people, that is clearly pot luck. I am pretty sure they didn't raise their opinions because they don't feel strongly about them as much as you do or they are not really geared to appreciate the discussion/debate very well.

Secondly, if you are really serious about making sure that we use ports, than you should be trying to build them and send the patches to the various project groups, upstream. This way, it wouldn't matter whether we were using ports or pkgsrc because the issues have been solved in the rightful place.


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