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Re: final thoughts - bug tracking system

From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <asmodai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 11:25:02 +0200

-On [20050916 15:28], Yury Tarasievich (grog@xxxxxxx) wrote:
>On 16 September 2005 01:54, Devon H. O'Dell wrote:
>> I've used JIRA in production before and it's just nice. I think that
>> if Java will run on DragonFly, there's no reason to not use it. Even
>> if it requires running a non-DragonFly machine, I think the features
>> it provides are very worthwhile.
>What's the importance of "self-hosting" or "closed-sourceness of BTS"?
>Aren't these non-issues?

They aren't non-issues.  However, given how our own website looks the Jira
front-end will be a welcome relief to people (and no, I don't think our
website framework invites one to hack on it, sorry).

>As I see it, potential reporter'd be interested in whether the bugs are dealt 
>with promptly and effectively. Potential developer or sponsor'd like to know 
>whether BTS is really helping or hindering (chosen wisely).

Seems the only requirement for a user in Jira to create an issue is to
register.  Basically the same for any bug tracking mechanism nowadays.

http://bugs.gnome.org/simple-bug-guide.cgi is very nice in how it takes and
guides the use through the steps of reporting in a consistent manner.  This
is Gnome's Bugzilla customisation.  That doesn't mean I want use to use
Bugzilla, merely an example for the crowd that thinks Bugzilla is clumsy for

I am surprised no-one mentioned FlySpray: http://flyspray.rocks.cc/bts/
(note that that is their *live* and own bugtracker for the project).

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