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Re: DragonFly 3.4 release planning

From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 07:38:23 -0500

On 03/31/13 18:27, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>      We would have a minimally working /boot-as-root for single user,
>      /boot-crypto-bootstrap, a method to get a safe non-lib root shell on a
>      live system that only needs to chroot to /boot.

Another couple of ideas also came to mind -

1) Varsyms could be used

    (install 2x to standard locations e.g. /bin/foo.dynamic /bin/foo.static
     with varsym default to static and an initscript to switch dynamic early
     in the multiuser boot process for those needing pam, etc)

2) A static initrd could be used similarly to the 'populated static /boot'

Though thus far, to me, the 'populated /boot' sounds best b/c it could
potentially allow for non-initrd booting of crypto, etc and could be
leveraged for other things as mentioned, and doesn't clutter up '/'
but this is just my 2c



- chris

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