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Re: Looking at giving DF a go... advice?

From: "Mark Cullen" <mark.cullen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 22:23:51 +0100

<justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Oh, and I should have mentioned this, Mark:
> http://www.forknibbler.com/articles/new-bsdusers/article.html
> You're right smack in the target audience for that document.

Looks like it's just FreeBSD but using packages instead of ports :-)

I'll still have to get used to some 4.x things, like kernel being /kernel
and not /boot/kernel/kernel and MAKEDEV and such, but I am sure I can drag
up some memories of using 4.x if I try hard enough :-)

I guess I should mention that I've been with FreeBSD since 4.5, so I'm not
totally new.. but I'm certainly no super expert! I'm not afraid of patching
kernels and stuff so I should be able to tackle any little issues I may come

Thanks for the replies so far!

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