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Re: pkgsrc notes

From: Jonas Trollvik <jontro@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 01:02:08 +0100

here is the rcng file I created for apache, it's really basic. Since I
installed apache on my own it might not be the same paths as you guys
have. Just add apache_enable="YES" to your rc.conf and put the file
with +x flags in /usr/local/etc/rc.d

this was just a fast hack so it might not be the correct way to do it,
please tell me if there is something that should be improved


On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 14:57:16 -0800, Scott Nasuta <tcslv@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Joshua,
> Tuesday, February 1, 2005, 1:48:38 PM, you wrote:
> > Next up, apache.  After the build failing a couple times, I found the post
> > in here on tweaking Configure and GuessOS, got that installed and working.
> > Hopefully there is already a bug/PR filed with them to get that straightened
> > out.
> I had no problems building Apache 1.3x OR 2x on several DF boxes
> already with both gcc2 and 3. I never once had to touch any source to
> either. Hmm. Maybe you are running CURRENT?
> BUT one catch I discovered with Apache of DF is that the startup
> script apache.sh doesn't work right out of the box. I kept getting
> ulimit error when trying to start Apache with the startup script
> included as is. But commenting out the line that sets the limits
> towards bottom of the script took care of that problem.
> I posted late last year about this in bugs and suppose I should post
> the fix now. But I don't understand how come no one else ever pointed
> it out.
> --
> Best regards,
> Scott                            mailto:tcslv@xxxxxxx
# PROVIDE: apache
# KEYWORD: DragonFly shutdown


.  /etc/rc.subr


load_rc_config $name
run_rc_command "$1"

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