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Re: Dragonfly and Hyperthreading....

From: EM1897@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 18:11:33 EST

In a message dated 2/21/2005 4:58:38 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Martin P. 
Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>EM1897@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> what today's CPUS deliver anyway. I've never seen any compelling evidence
>> that AMD-based machines are faster in practice.  Right now I'm testing a 
>> 3.4/800Ghz P4 system with 1K cache and PCIExpress and its slower than 
>> a 3.06/533 Xeon with 512K cache and PCI-X. The faster CPU is faster in raw 
>Have you googled already for tyan K8WE? Dual Opteron 200 series, dual 
>PCI-express ready for SLI and yes both with full 16 lanes when in SLI 
>opposed to shared 16 lanes as other current bords have.
>The bord will go out for about 600EUR (all features), not even that 
>expensive (still way above my budget).

Tyan is on my blacklist, ever since having to recall 38 systems from
throughout the world because they spontanously rebooted due to a
power design flaw...Again, it all SOUNDS great, but until I get it 
on the bench its just a lot of words.

On another note, what is dragonfly's status regarding Opterons? 

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