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Re: Backporting DFly patches to FreeBSD?

From: EM1897@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 12:10:01 -0500

In a message dated 2/23/2005 3:32:24 AM Eastern Standard Time, Michel Talon <talon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>EM1897@xxxxxxx wrote:
>> Ok, ok, Just Kidding...but it was way too big an opening to
>> resist..... :) I see no point in preaching mediocrity. 
>> If it suits you, fine. But there is no reason to discourage
>> others.
>You may imagine this opening was carefully crafted :-)
>If you can imagine seriously you are the best at whatever, you have a 
>serious mental problem. I suspect a fair number of your fellow citizens
>have exactly this problem, including the most eminent ones. The result,
>for example, is that you go solving an inexistent problem, thus creating
>a terrible mess, and handing power to the people the most dangerous
>to *your* safety. Do you need more complete explanations? Humility
>is traditionaly one of the first virtues.

Yeah, how did that humble attitude work out for you
guys in 1940? You're welcome by the way.

We can all become women when the entire world is civilized.
At the moment we have barbarians with unlimited financial
resources trying to acquire nuclear material so they can
blackmail the world by threatening our cities. For some 
reason you creampuffs don't have the capacity to either
remember the past or foresee the future, so what choice
do we have but to do what needs to be done before its
too late? 

Whats interesting about this is that it DOES in some
ways relate to both FreeBSD and Dragonfly. Both are
sacrificing what may seem to be best for the current
world, in an effort to be better in the future world
of dual-core and MP domination. Sometimes it takes the
efforts of those with foresight to do whats right even
when the masses are criticizing them for doing it. In
the end we'll all be better off.

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