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Re: Loader not found

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 04:22:57 +0800

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Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:

> For me, BSD on the desktop will become an option the day there's a

In use here since 4.9, GNOME.  Looking DragonFlyBSD 'soon'

OS/2 has lagged in ssh/sl and multi-lingual, (trading HKG stock market).

> stable, perhaps even supported JDK (I need it for school). Which is
> probably like never.

Do you mean there is a good (better than *N*X?)  JDK for Windows,
or (what other platform)??

FWIHS - Java is way too 'partially encumbered' or 'strategically encumbered'
by Sun to be of much interest. Half fish, half fowl.

I don't see JDK as 'of interest' to the *BSD's in general - despite a lot
of folks who might want to work in it.  But if it *is* to 'live' on a
*BSD, I expect DragonFly to have an edge due to more modern


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