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Re: tested hardware list on wiki?

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 04:43:21 +0800

justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Although the wiki has a list of "Supported Hardware", which I would guess
means that someone thinks the hardware works or has worked with some
driver associated with some previous version of FreeBSD, I think it would
be useful to have people list actual configurations they're using, along
with the version of DragonFly they're using, on a separate page.

We never will be able to list all the equipment that does work; it may be
better to list that which does not work; that's a relatively smaller list.

Accurate assesment, but needs a bit of finesse and balance, else potential adopters will see all negative, no positive - especially against the claims of {other OS of choice} being ever-so-perfect, and *so* 'automatic with all hardware'. A claim seldom true.

While the flames should be banned, we have the quandry over how
to NOT have irrelevant arguments, yet encourage reports of what
has actually been tried and works - or fails to do so.

The d.bugs are, of course, negative - but worse - DragonFlyBSD
is too often blamed for a poor configuration issue, and/or
dodgy hardware - which then (sometimes) also generates
more distraction than proper.

I am on record (in /dev/nul of Matt's MTA if not elesewhere),
as suggesting several of these lists should be read-only to
anyone not an 'accepted' developer.

We can always read them from the archives.



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