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Re: Building DragonFly on small drives (was Re: Loader not found)

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 18:17:22 +0800

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Sascha Wildner wrote:

> Gary Allan wrote:
>> If you're trying to put BSD on a USB/Compact Flash card you should 
>> look at the miniBSD scripts.
> Not really on topic but related:
> I was playing around with a DragonFly installation on my 1GB USB stick a 
> couple of months ago and tried to figure out how I might do a successful 
> buildworld on it (kernel building worked but for a full buildworld there 
> was too little space left).


Not to forget that most of these devices use forms of NVRAM that
has a finite, and not entirely predictable, 'limited life' w/r

You can no doubt find a way to do builds on at least
the larger sizes, but it is probably best to build everything
elsewhere and just move it over, so as to preserve that life
expectancy for day-to-day application/userland storage.

Personal experience says we will then *lose* the darn devices
well before they die!

Some things can be *too* small... or so the spammers think.

> But (luckily?) I got distracted by something else before I actually 
> tried implementing it. :)
> Sascha

I wish you a long life and the ability to always choose what you
wish to do with your time, but also, selfishly, have to agree with
'luckily' - as the project needs your coding skills elsewhere ;-)

Those of us who *don't* code can beaver away  at hardware
experiments.  'Day One' with the 1GB USB has produced some
'opportunities'  w/r formatting FAT, UFS, etc. - but nothing
worth a mention here just yet.


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