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Re: dragonfly pdf documentation

From: Erick Perez <eaperezh@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 08:35:34 -0500

Thanks to all. I've got the PDF, will print and start reading.
So far I have heard that BSD is the more robust *nix OS out there. I
run a bunch of server in Linux (Whitebox, Redhat enterprise, Suse)
running sendmail, squid, sshd, ClamAV, apache, imap and the most
recent, an iPBX called Asterisk, a few linux based routers and some
other stuff.
I need performance and i heard i cant go wrong with bsd.
I was reading the design goals of dragonfly and i agree with that, so
i'll give it a try.

Since all my Linux installations are production servers.....can I
switch or 1.0a release is not ready for prime time? (i got the march
27 build)

On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 21:22:45 +0800, Eduardo Tongson <propolice@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > BTW, why is the reason that some names like network interface names
> > are named differently between linux and dragonbsd?
> I think you mean eth0 vs xl0,dc0
> Linux uses eth_ for naming a network interface, on BSD interfaces are
> named after the driver, xl0 (3Com 3C90x), dc0 (DEC). IMHO it is one of
> Linux' design flaws. Naming it after the device is a plus because it
> makes troubleshooting easier and less confusing (you know right away
> which interface are you messing with).
> --
>                                                    Eduardo Tongson
>                                                    <pornadmin.net/~tongson>


Erick Perez
Linux User 376588
http://counter.li.org/  (Get counted!!!)
Panama, Republic of Panama

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