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Re: dragonfly pdf documentation

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 22:53:50 +0800

Erick Perez wrote:

Thanks to all. I've got the PDF, will print and start reading.
So far I have heard that BSD is the more robust *nix OS out there. I
run a bunch of server in Linux (Whitebox, Redhat enterprise, Suse)
running sendmail, squid, sshd, ClamAV, apache, imap and the most
recent, an iPBX called Asterisk, a few linux based routers and some
other stuff.
I need performance and i heard i cant go wrong with bsd.
I was reading the design goals of dragonfly and i agree with that, so
i'll give it a try.

Since all my Linux installations are production servers.....can I
switch or 1.0a release is not ready for prime time? (i got the march
27 build)

If/as/when I feel the urge to run a Linux, it has
generally been Slackware or a derivative (VectorLinux
most recently), but, aside from IBM's non-bootable JFS,
or SGI's XFS, Linux is still in search of a truly robust
file system.  'Pretty face', but it is a pick-up trick where
*BSD is a freight locomotive

The thing you will appreciate most in moving up to *BSD
is that once configured and put into service, the OS
just doesn't break. Apps - maybe, but not the OS.

Robust file system, gracefully  chugs along under
overloads that would down a Linbox OR many of
the remaining 'commercial' UNIX variants.

Most of us reboot quarterly or semi-annually just
to keep up with patches. But now and then ....

conducive.net had a bad HDD partition locked-out
several years ago, has been running well over 400
days since last OS rebuild & reboot, yet would
need three more years before it could make it into
the top 50 uptimes. Sometimes all 50 are *BSD's.

It will be running DragonFly 'Real Soon Now', as
I have spent the last 12 hours wrestling with
'another' BSD, during which it has proven to
me that DragonFly is *already* caught up with
and in many respects, surpassed, its older

How so? IMNSHO, it isn't (yet) the new model,
it is the thoroughness of the code review needed
to prepare for it.   DragonFly team have been
pulling together the best parts of all the other
*BSD's and finding and fixing lots of long-dormant
issues as they go.

Bill Hacker

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