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From: Yaroslav Tarasenko <tarasenko@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 14:16:07 +0300

Filip Wuytack пишет:
Hey all,

there seems to be another new BSD...for desktops :-)


always nice to see that BSD world growing...it can only improve cross fertilisation between all BSD flavors

~ Filip

I think one of the biggest problems that such distros encounter is the way a user can update software X.

Fresh example: i've installed OpenOffice suite (base system is FreeBSD 5.3) on some workstations in our office. Later users began to complain that their wordprocessor goes buggy - the 'oowriter' process can just freeze so i can't even 'kill -9' it with root privileges. Ok, i've got a bunch of new packages, among them new version of OpenOffice. Right now i'm reading newsgroups watching 'top' output on one of those workstations. There's a ruby instance on the first string eating around 100% of cpu time. This is how portupgrade works - it started fixing pkgdb 4 hours ago. And the box it's running isn't that slow - 512 Mb RAM & Celeron IV processor.

Slow. Shamefully slow. And besides this, one should know all those portupgrade commandline options and the way he or she should react when pkgdb -F will ask what to do: remove perl 5.8 or 5.6, for example.

On a workstation with a lot of software, libraries, dependencies good update management is the first question. Not an installer, not even cute GUI.

I remember how it was simple installing software (and upgrading to new versions) on BeOS: you should just unzip archive file and put its contents somewhere on HD. Is it a dream in bsd world?

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