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Re: BIND 9.3 in base

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 14:59:58 -0700

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
walt wrote:

IMO the reason IPV6 has not been pushed in the U.S. is that Micro$oft
thinks it is not important for their bottom line.  When and if that
time arrives you can bet that the adoption of IPV6 in the U.S. will be
$wift (and expen$ive for M$ cu$tomer$).

No, I'm not cynical -- my wife is entirely wrong about that...

Microsoft perhaps not tends to promote IPv6 public but they do have it implemented in 2003 server and XP. So their equal on that subject with SUN, Novell, Red Hat, Oracle and just about every other bigger IT related company I am aware of.

Well, they need to debug their IPV6 implementation before they can force everyone to use it...

Bashing MS is perhaps easy but I feel it is not relevant in this specific subject.

They screw me -- and I bash them : they still come out ahead by billions of dollars every year. I don't apologize to them for any accusation I've ever made against them, no matter how irrational.

However I am biased as I use much MS technology, just about the same as I use Apple's, BSD's, Solaris and Linux combined.

That seems rational, and I can't object to rational behavior, even if it benefits M$.

But how can I excuse Bill for his rape and theft in order to maximize profits? His behavior is rational, no matter how much I may object to it. (And I most certainly do object to it!)

This is wandering far off topic into the realm of economics and theology, so you need not bother to respond. In fact, it reminds me
of the arguments I have with my wife -- both sides lose.

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