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Re: Spontaneous reboot before AND after memory swap

To: Jonathon McKitrick <jcm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Erik P. Skaalerud" <erik@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 16:48:02 +0200

Jonathon McKitrick wrote:
Hi all,

This is FreeBSD specific, but this server might be going to DFly soon.  Also,
I'd like to get a second opinion to the FreeBSD list.

I'm running 4.11 on a server, and for the last week or so it has been
spontaneously rebooting about once a day or so.  It has 512M of memory.

I ran memtest and it causes the reboot as well.  I went and bought 2 sticks of
memory, took out the old one, and put the new ones in.  That gave me 1G.  But
a buildworld fails with signal 11 and memtest still causes the reboot.

Any ideas?


Make sure you download memtest86 as a ISO-image and burn the image. That way you can safely run memtest86 without booting up an operating system first.

I'm not sure why the box would spontaneously reboot. Previous experiences with "sick boxes" who reboots have always been bad powersupply, but it's weird that something like memtest should trigger a bad psu into fainting..

- Erik

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