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Re: Problems with Soyo P4VTE Board

From: Adrian Bocaniciu <a.bocaniciu@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 19:11:11 +0000

Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :
> :acd0: MODE_SENSE_BIG command timeout - resetting
> :ata0: resetting devices .. ata0: mask=03 ostat1=51 ostat2=00
> :acd0: ATAPI 14 eb
> :ata0-slave: ATAPI 7f 7f
> :ata0: mask=03 stat0=10 stat1=00
> :ata0: devices = 04
> :done
> :
>     Is it repeating the 'ata0-slave' line over and over again?  That
>     would imply that it is trying to talk to the (presumably non-existant)
>     slave.  Double check your cable and drive.  Make sure the cable has not
>     been installed with the two ends reversed.  There is a right way and 
>     wrong way.  And make sure that the CD/DVD drive is jumpered as a master.
> 					-Matt
> 					Matthew Dillon 
> 					<dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


	I am sure that he has no cable problems.  I have seen exactly the same
behavior with FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE on an Intel motherboard with the 915G
chipset.  Attempts to change the BIOS settings related to ATA had no

	On the same system FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE works flawlessly, thus the
problem is caused by code shared by DF and FreeBSD 4.x, which has been
modified in FreeBSD 5.4 or earlier.

	Best regards !

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