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Problems with M/Board (was: Problems with Soyo P4VTE Board)

From: Eugene <communique@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 15:52:32 +0300

Hello All.

Adrian Bocaniciu wrote:

	I am sure that he has no cable problems.  I have seen exactly the same
behavior with FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE on an Intel motherboard with the 915G
chipset.  Attempts to change the BIOS settings related to ATA had no

. ..

problem is caused by code shared by DF and FreeBSD 4.x, which has been
modified in FreeBSD 5.4 or earlier.

By the way, if one can comment me the following problem (sure it is all about the SATA-interface).
I've tried to install DF 1.2R on a machine with an nForce3 chipset and Samsung SATA HDD.
The problem is that the drive is not recognized at all. As one can guess attempts to change the BIOS settings had no effect.
The drive was installed as master on a single SATA-controller present.

There was an interesting fact with that machine: Samsung HUTIL (found on Samsung web cite) recognized attached
hardware in a following way:
ata0-master : no drive
ata0-slave: no drive
ata1-master: no drive
ata1-slave: CD-RW
[Samsung SATA150 SPxxxx]

Unfortunately, I can't now post all the diagnostic messages.

Sorry for my poor English.

Best regards!

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