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Re: DF-1.4.0 binary packages (kde, etc) availables

From: Antonio Bravo <tonio@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 21:19:38 +0000

Den Mon, 09 Jan 2006 17:59:22 +0100, skrev joerg:

Hi Joerg,

>Please keep in mind that gobsd packages are seriously outdated. A more
>current set can be found on ftp://packages.stura.uni-rostock.de, a build
>for 1.4 is underway.

well, I was mainly curious to see by myself where and HOW pkgsrc stuff
needs tweaking.
[So far I've already done much of the vanilla pkgsrc 1.4
builds with a desktop focus (kde, firefox, gnumeric, abiword, gmplayer)

> I don't know what you have done with the Linux emulation, the packages
> work fine here as far as I tried.

I did just "bmake install" for the Suse-9.1 set, and then as a test:
"bmake install" for opera.
Of course, COMPAT_LINUX, ext2fs and linux proc are on.
My /usr/pkg/emul is symlinked to /compat (FreeBSD, not NetBSD way, right?)

Tried to run opera (ie. the wrapper installed by pkgsrc) but:
"libc.so.6 cannot handle TLS data". 
Same with a couple other linux programs
(firefox-1.x or 1.5, netscape 4.x the old suse compat libs being installed
in the emulation, etc).Running the exec directly or wrapped by the linux
/bin/sh or /bin/bash.
So I "brandelf -t Linux" binaries and libraries, and
then running a linux binary spits out a "/lib/libfoo.so.x: ELF file OS ABI
invalid", libfoo.so.x being different depending on the linux binary I try
to run.
Tried too setting kern.fallback_elf_brand=3.
No better luck...
I'll try to look closer later.

"Men alt dette er ikke begyndelsen." - Knut HAMSUN, Mysterier, 1892

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