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Re: Would DF welcome a phpbb forum?

From: Jake Maciejewski <maciejej@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 16:50:27 -0600

I agree. See, for example, the extremely successful Gentoo forums at

On Tue, 2006-01-17 at 09:24 +1100, elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Indeed, it would be like users@, but consider:
> 1) In what way can you order threads in a mailing list? If we had a
> web-based forum we could easilly have stuff related to hardware in one
> forum, multimedia in another, pkgsrc in another etc., we could even have a
> forum for non df-related stuff. Sure, you can make more mailing lists,
> but:
> 2) Assume that DF is going to gain much bigger popularity, im not talking
> about hundreds of users like now, im talking about thousands. Can you
> imagine users@ with 10x (or even more) people posting one over another all
> different stuff? Thats confusion! You arent going to attract people to DF
> with a mailing list like that.
> 3) When users want to ask questions to another users, whats easier than
> sign up, log in and make a new thread and discuss whatever you wish.
> Sorry, but a mailing list might have been a hype of 15 years ago when
> people had a 14.4kbps dialup connection to the internet or even less, but
> today? Sure its easy to open up evolution or mutt and send mails to
> users@, but is this attractive to new users coming over over from Linux
> and *BSD? The guy that wrote the review of DF 1.4 on Distrowatch was
> correct when he said that DF is for hardcore geeks, because only geeks
> like us would bother mailing questions to users@ today in 2006 when pretty
> much every project that is trying to make it somewhere far has a proper
> forum that suits the age (and for a reason!)
> Dont take this as bashing please, i really _like_ what you guys are doing
> in the software section. Im just trying to help out.
> petr
Jake Maciejewski <maciejej@xxxxxxxx>

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