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Re: Newbie-question: Ports and Packages

From: MARCINISZYN Laurent <laurent.marciniszyn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 09:00:41 +0200

walt a écrit :
Thomas Schlesinger wrote:


I'm coming from Gentoo, so I'm a rookie on *BSD and pkgsrc. First, I must get familiar with the new stuff ;-)

Welcome, Thomas!

I'm a fan of Gentoo and DragonFly also, and I may be able to answer
some newbie-type questions for you.  The DragonFlyMeisters are busy
making the operating system better for all of us -- so they may not
have the time to answer basic *BSD questions for you.

I will be happy to answer really basic questions for you off-list
(this is a real email address) but I may choose to cross-post any of
my answers to this list if I think they may benefit other DragonFly
users (not likely ;o)

Hello Thomas, hello Walt,

Like Thomas, I am a Gentoo user (and a fan of Gentoo) and I'm very interested by DFBSD. I am also a newbie in *BSD (except some basic installations of FreeBSD)...

I agree with Walt about the off-list questions and the restitution to the list if that can help others DragonFly newbies.


mail : laurent.marciniszyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
jabber : lmarcini@xxxxxxx

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